Business Services

Business Services
THE GOAL: To make workplace recycling simple while saving money on waste services.  You pay the garbage men less, pay us some, recycle more, and hopefully still save money.  When pricing our recycling services we take into consideration the work involved and scrap value.  It’s free and easy to talk to us about your recycling needs.  Just call or email and invite us out for a quick tour of your workplace.

Ways we can help!

  1.  Self serve recycling at the Community Recycling Center. (materials must be clean/sorted)
  2. Full service recycling collection programs. (setup, education, containers, collection, feedback, summary reports, monitoring, etc.)
  3. Sorting and processing for commercial recyclable materials (plastic sorting, oversized cardboard baling).
  4. Buyer of baled clean acceptable materials.
  5. Consultant for commercial solid waste and recycling needs.  
  6. Reusable items for commerical use, pallets, barrels, boxes, and more!

Since the beginning, we have had these policies



Business Materials

We collect small to large quantities of the following materials.


Cardboard, paperboard, boxboard, sorted office, newspaper, phonebooks, books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, junk mail, junk paper, paper bags, kraft paper, and packing paper.  Paper Recycling Program Guidelines


#1 and #2 bottles, cans, jugs, trays
Shrink/Stretchwrap, #4 LDPE/LLDPE, #6 EPS (styrofoam), Bulk Ridged Plastics, Plastic Dunnage.

Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Brass

NO PAY FACILITY:  accepting all forms of metal.  Tin cans, aluminum (cans, foil, pans) appliances, and more.

Electronic waste

Desktop, Laptop, Tower Computers, Printers, Keyboards, Mice, Copy/Scanners/Fax Machines, Telephones, Battery Back UPS, Cell Phones, Chargers, Accessories, Digital Cameras. Memory Cards, Wire, Cords, Cables, Metal Household Appliances and MORE!

Batteries (all kinds)
Ink/Toner Cartridges
Packing Materials (foam peanuts, bubble wrap, air-filled)
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