RSC – Nextcycle Project

VISION:  Hub/Spoke/Mini Spoke network implementing a multi-stream collection system.  

1. Browns:  OCC, Box, Kraft
2. Mixed residential paper
3.Plastics #1 and #2,steel and aluminum cans
4. Glass
5. #6 EPS

 Baler Feed - Endura-Veyor Inc.



Infrastructure and Capital Planning

Sorting Equipment:  Needed at Biz Aid MRF to sort a mix of #1/#2 plastics and metal cans (steel/alum).   Would also be used to sort mixed residential paper. 

Conveyor for Baler:  Needed at some point to assist in processing larger volumes of materials.   

Facility in Hillsdale County :  (Low cost, older warehouse facility).  Permanent, full time, material recovery facility, central Hub Location.  Basic building with solid floor and semi solid roof. a few loading docks, 3 phase electric. Hillsdale County offers a few options for abandoned older warehouses with limited interest from other industries.   Coldwater location will be kept open as long as there is an available and suitable location to house our operations.  If establishing a larger, second location additionally need baling equipment, forklift, pallet jack, floor scales, etc…   A neglected, unwanted building and used equipment; as small as environmental impact as possible.   

Supply of Bulk Bags, Carts, and Gaylords:  These will be the supplies provided for MINI spoke programs to accumulate and handle/haul materials.

Box Truck with Lift Gate:  Needed to make collection runs to Spoke and Mink Spoke programs.

Foam Densifier:  Given the volumes collected this may be a pieces of equipment to consider adding to Biz Aid MRF.

IN-HOUSE REFUNDABLE SYSTEM (aka Samantha’s Dream Machine):  A simple scanning,  system to credit our account for EVERY BRAND of glass, plastic, and aluminum refundable bottle and can all without leaving our building!  

Proposed Service Area:   Hillsdale, Branch, Calhoun, Jackson Counties.   Parts of Lenawee, St Joseph Counties.

MapChart_Map use

MINI Spoke programs take advantage of unique indoor storage areas to accumulate recyclable materials.  Given the small community nature of the mini spoke programs, recycling participants will be more willing to following the easy guidelines and keep materials clean.  Free drop-off at Biz Aid MRF or pay a service fee to have materials collected.  Also may offer a fully staffed and equipped mobile collection option (using box truck). Can be scheduled to spend a few hours at a location to collect materials.   

MINI Spoke Example Camping Resort Recycling Sheds

Full time residents and visitors have access to two, stand alone sheds next to garbage containers.  One shed is used to collect cardboard/boxboard/brown fibers and styrofoam.  The other shed is for plastics #1& #2, metal cans, glass, and mixed residential paper.  Gaylords lined with bulk bags, carts for mixed paper and metal cans, LDPE bags for styrofoam and plastics 1/2 mix are used to collect and haul materials.  A fee of $125 to $150 is paid per collection.  Schedule for collections varies due to seasonal nature of business. 

MINI Spoke Example The Apartments at 63 W.  Two Bandits Brewery RestaurantCraft out Loud

After an old hardware building was renovated and restored an area in the basement was dedicated to the accumulation and storage of recyclable materials.  This program is used by apartment residences (approx 6 units), a craft supply store, and newly to a restaurant/craft brewery.  Large amounts of business cardboard, glass wine bottles, broken glassware, oil jugs, are collected in addition to the  household materials.  A service fee of $125 to $175 per month (collected every 2 week).  Quantities collected each time include 2 bulk bags of occ/boxboard/brown fiber, 50 gallons of glass, 32 gallons of mixed paper, 100 gallons of plastics/metals mix.   Recycling is an attractive solution due to the difficult nature of holding and storing waste in a regulated downtown area.  

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