Community Recycling/Reuse Center

NO LONGER FREE.  We apologize but our family can no longer support the financial cost of recycling for the public. Membership plans are our way to keep the doors open.  Recycling is so very important to us but 4 years of working hard and losing money has not been a wise business decision.  Hopefully this will enable us to stay open  to the public and recycle more!

Open Wednesday through Saturday, 9am to 2pm.

Open to households and business participants.  This is an indoor, self-serve facility for clean/sorted recyclables.   

Community Recycling Center Membership Plans

Door Fees will apply to those without membership.

These fees will be set by recycling attendant on duty.

$5-$10+ per visit depending on materials and quantities.

Free Corrugated Cardboard Recycling Loads- no other materials.

Annual Membership PlansSmall, Medium, Large, and Business plans include access to the Recycle and Reuse Area

$ 45 – Small (recycle once per month) *2 person households  *Part time residents (summer/winter)   *Single stream recyclers with the occasional drop off of overflow materials.

$65 – Medium (recycle 2 times per month) *3-5 person households    * Apartment recyclers (small loads, more often)

$85 – Large (recycle weekly or larger loads)  *Large households  *Multi-residential recycler  *Resident and small business combined    *Small to medium volume businesses

$125 – Business   *Larger loads  *Multiple materials    *Unlimited business visits

$0 – Non-Profit Organizations – Does not include access to reuse area; for recycling materials only.

$30 – Reuse Center Only   Monetary donations are still appreciated.  This plan does not include access to dropping off recyclables.


Community Recycling Center Membership Form

Online Community Recycling/Reuse Center Membership Form

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