Community Recycling Center

Owned and Operated By Biz Aid LLC

Promotion and expansion made possible with a recycling grant from MI EGLE and in partnership with the Branch County Conservation District. 

This is a self-serve, indoor, drop-off center for clean and sorted recyclables. Open to all households and businesses; fees may apply, read below. Please stop in for a tour and learn the best way to recycle from friendly people who can answer your questions. We are here to help! 

Why Service Fees?   
Membership and Door fees: restarted on 6/10/2020.

Sadly, the value of the materials we collect are not near enough to cover the cost of providing this community service; scrap values are at historic lows.  We are a family owned and operated business with the normal overhead cost of labor, rent, insurance, supplies, etc.   Service fees help us cover a small amount of these expenses.

Did you know…we sort our plastics bin for #1 and #2 (materials that are dropped off) into five different categories?

COVID-19  Drop-off recycling steps.  Follow attendants directions.

  1. Please stay 6 feet from other guest. Face mask are optional.
  2. Please come with materials presorted; drop-off recycling quickly.
  3. Check in as a member or guest (provide zip code and pay; if needed).
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Recycle only: cardboard, styrofoam, batteries – no charge.

Non-profit and community groups can recycle all materials free.



Annual membership recommended for households who use our center all their recycling needs. This is a one time fee, good for an entire year.    

Regular:$45         Super Recycler: $65 

For household recycling without membership:  $2 per visit.  

Electronic Waste Recycling: Up to $0.25 per pound. (not included with membership or door fee)

Business: Annual membership based on materials to be recycled and quantities.  Business membership plans range from $45 to $125 per year.  Invoices and receipts can be provided.  Please note that we accept cardboard recycling free. We can handle large quantities.

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