Community Recycling Center

Owned and Operated By Biz Aid LLC

Promotion and expansion made possible with a recycling grant from MI EGLE and in partnership with the Branch County Conservation District. 

This is a self-serve, indoor, drop-off center for clean and sorted recyclables. Open to all households and businesses; fees may apply, read below. Please stop in for a tour and learn the best way to recycle from friendly people who can answer your questions. We are here to help! 

Why Service Fees?   
(COVID 19)  Membership and Door fees waived.

Sadly, the value of the materials we collect are not near enough to cover the cost of providing this community service; scrap values are at historic lows.  We are a family owned and operated business with the normal overhead cost of labor, rent, insurance, supplies, etc.   Service fees help us cover a small amount of these expenses.

Did you know…we sort our plastics bin for #1 and #2 (materials that are dropped off) into five different categories?

COVID-19  Drop-off recycling steps.  Follow attendants directions.

  1. Only one recycler allowed to drop-off at a time; please wait in vehicle until it’s your turn.
  2. Please come with materials presorted.  Drop-off as quickly as possible.
  3. Membership and door fees waived.
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Recycle only: cardboard, styrofoam, batteries – no charge.

Non-profit and community groups can recycle all materials free.



Annual membership recommended for households who use our center all their recycling needs. This is a one time fee, good for an entire year.    

Regular:$45         Super Recycler: $65 

For household recycling without membership:  $2 per visit.  

Electronic Waste Recycling: Up to $0.25 per pound. (not included with membership or door fee)

Business: Annual membership based on materials to be recycled and quantities.  Business membership plans range from $45 to $125 per year.  Invoices and receipts can be provided.  Please note that we accept cardboard recycling free. We can handle large quantities.

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