Inspiring, educating, and assisting our community to recycle!

Recycling Services for Businesses

Biz Aid LLC provides custom recycling solutions and services for all business types and sizes.  Our goal is to make commercial recycling easy and economical.  Services are contract and commitment free and we provide free consultations and no cost, no obligation recycling program trails.   Recyclables are processed at our Material Recovery Facility  (MRF) in Coldwater, MI.  We are a clean and sorted facility; meaning we take great care and pride to end with the cleanest possible materials for  the recycling process.  

Our facility has a loading dock, ground level door, fork lift, floor scales, and safe, experienced, material handlers. We can provide a collection service for small bins up to box truck and semi trailer loads.   We also accept commercial  loads at our MRF, provide your own freight and save.  Purchasing available for clean baled materials.  See more details on the business services page webpage.




Community Recycling & Reuse Center

*A community service sponsored and provided by Biz Aid LLC  

Open Wednesday through Saturday, 9am to 2pm.  All households and business are welcome to drop-off clean/sorted recyclables. This is an indoor, self-serve facility.  90 Darling Drive, Coldwater, MI 49036

See a list of acceptable items below.

Community Recycling Center Details

Business Materials

Materials accepted at the Community Recycling Center are limited to those listed above.  With our recycling services for businesses we accept a wide variety of commercial waste materials.  


Cardboard, paperboard, boxboard, sorted office, newspaper, phonebooks, books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, junk mail, junk paper, paper bags, kraft paper, and packing paper.


#1 and #2 bottles, cans, jugs, trays
Shrink/Stretchwrap, #4 LDPE/LLDPE, Plastic Banding, Bulk Ridged Plastics, Plastic Dunnage.

Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Brass

NO PAY FACILITY:  accepting all forms of metal.  Tin cans, aluminum (cans, foil, pans) appliances, and more.

Electronic waste

Desktop, Laptop, Tower Computers, Flat Screen Monitors, Printers, Keyboards, Mice, Copy/Scanners/Fax Machines, Telephones, Battery Back UPS, Cell Phones, Chargers, Accessories, Digital Cameras. Memory Cards, Wire, Cords, Cables, Metal Household Appliances and MORE!

Batteries (all kinds)
Ink/Toner Cartridges
Packing Materials (foam peanuts, bubble wrap, air-filled)

Do you have a question?

(Questions go to owner of Biz Aid LLC, Samantha B.)


We also have a large selection of reusable items!

IBC totes (300 gal), Plastic Buckets, Barrels, Tubs, Fiber Barrels, Pallets, Office Supplies, Cardboard Tubes, Boxes, Packing Supplies, Cables, Cords & MORE.  Visit the Community Recycling Center to see what is available.